TBTI @ MARE ‘People and the Sea IX’ Conference

TBTI @ MARE 'People and the Sea IX' Conference
Amsterdam, The Netherlands



University of Amsterdam, Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, city centre
(Centrum). Room number OMHP C0.17.


1) July 3, 2017

TBTI 'Governability of European Small-Scale Fisheries' discussion forum

The main purpose of this half-day meeting is to gather feedback on the ‘SSF Governability Index’, a new assessment tool being developed by TBTI to help country gauge what needs to be done to improve governability and achieve sustainability of SSF. The forum will also be an opportunity to build bridges between science, policy and community, promote discussion about the implementation of the SSF Guidelines, and develop research and capacity development program in SSF in the region.

We are inviting representatives of governments, fishers’ organizations and environmental organizations to share their knowledge and experiences by participating in the forum. To reserve your seat or learn more about the event, send us an email (toobigtoignore@mun.ca). Note that space is limited.

Download the program agenda.


2) July 4, 2017

TBTI Day @ MARE ‘People and the Sea IX’ Conference


If you are planning to be at the MARE Conference, come a day earlier and get an update on TBTI activities. Participate in the discussion about the ‘Transdisciplinarity in Fisheries’ training program, give feedback about the SSF Governability Index, be up-to-date about the SSF Guidelines and other research clusters, and help plan the next phase of TBTI. The event is free and open to anyone interested in SSF (i.e. you don’t have to be TBTI members to participate), but registration is required and space is limited. Send us an email (toobigtoignore@mun.ca) to reserve your seat.

Download the program agenda.


3) July 5-7, 2017

Conference sessions

TBTI also plans to hold several sessions during the conference that will be organized by the following research clusters:

  • SSF Guidelines cluster will organize a session featuring some of the case studies from the upcoming TBTI book on the implementation of the SSF Guidelines around the globe.
  • Diverse SSF Values cluster will organize a panel on 'Small‐scale fisher economies, small‐scale fisher values' that will look at  the relationship between values and small‐scale fisher (including aquaculture) economies.
  • Transboundary Interactions cluster will organize a panel on 'Combatting IUU-Fishing and the Plight of Small-Scale Fisheries: a Blessing or a Threat?'. The aim is to initiate a critical discussion with scholars and practitioners on the consequences for SSF of the increased policy attention to combat IUU fishing.
  • Market Opportunities cluster will organize a panel on 'Markets and market opportunities for small-scale fishery products'. The panel aims to examine and discuss the factors that affect fish products’ entering markets, specially products from small-scale fishery catch, analyse shortcomings of current marketing schemes, explore new market opportunities and alternative marketing options , as well as examine the role of fisher organization in marketing.
  • Women & Gender cluster will organize a panel on 'Gender/Women Relations within Coastal and Fisheries Communities: From Past to Present' that will look at the impacts of changes in coastal areas and communities within the context of gender and gender relations. The panel is organized in partnership with the Working Group Gendered of the Ocean Past Platform (OPP) Cost Action.




MARE 'People and the Sea IX' Conference
5-7 July, 2017 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Location: Roetereiland complex, University of Amsterdam

This year's theme is Dealing with Maritime Mobilities. The conference will explore the nature of maritime molilities and the ways climate and  environmental change, economic development and maritime activities are affecting their direction and volume.

For detailed information about the programme and the different themes see the Call for papers.

A Policy Day will take place on July 4, featuring discussions around the Sustainable Development Goal 14 (Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development).

Visit www.marecentre.nl for further details and updates.







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