‘Food from the Sea: is-Sajda u t-Tisjira’ in Malta, June 2018

Join us at the 'Food from the Sea: is-Sajda u t-Tisjira'

Sustainable small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean

Friday, 22nd June 2018, at 6 PM | MCAST Institute, Qormi, Malta

For the first time ever, Malta will be hosting a small-scale fisheries event in June 2018 as part of the European Maritime Day celebrations. ‘Food from the Sea: is-Sajda u t-Tisjira', as an activity to promote sustainable small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean’ will be co-organized by the Malta Centre for Arts Science and Technology (MCAST-CAAAS), the Mediterranean Culinary Academy (MCA), and the Too Big To Ignore - Global Partnership for Small-Scale Fisheries Research (TBTI).

We are inviting you to be part of this important celebration of small-scale fisheries and help us in bringing a bright future for fishers, coastal communities and fisheries resources.  

This event is an important milestone that echoes the regional efforts of the MedFish4ever campaign to save the Mediterranean stocks and protect the regions’ socio-economic wealth, as well provide an important illustration of how small-scale fisheries should be integrated within the EU Blue Growth strategy.

Why this event?

Small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean are part of the long heritage shaping the vibrant coastal villages and mesmerizing landscapes. They encompass over 80% of the fishing fleet and form an integral component of local economies and without them, it is not possible to achieve viable and sustainable fisheries future. This event, which is embedded in a vision for a better future for fishing communities as envisaged in the FAO small-sale fisheries guidelines, seeks to promote smart and sustainable fisheries by bringing together different stakeholders to discuss and display new potential and opportunities for local fishing communities. This platform would provide an opportunity to reflect on the ever-increasing knowledge about fishing, fishers, coastal communities and incentives for their sustainability. For fishers, this is another way to highlight the issues facing the sector and send a message about the value of their work. By participating in the events linked to the European Maritime Day, we can show our support to fishers as well as promote sustainable fisheries through innovation.

Come and join the fun

The focus of this event is to engage the public in an exciting fish celebration, where you will be able to:

  • Learn about different ways on how to fillet and cook local fish
  • Taste freshly-prepared local fish dishes
  • Listen to fishers’ stories about their fishing experience at sea
  • Buy the fresh catch-of-the-day fish
  • Discover ways of how to have a healthy lifestyle incorporating fish
  • Be part of the launch the very first Malta small-scale fisheries network.

MCAST Centre for Agriculture, Aquatics & Animal Sciences, Main Hall, Triq Hal Luqa, Qormi Malta QRM 9075 


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